10 things I've loved this month.....

Saturday, 28 March 2015

10 things I've loved this month.....

1. Hubby being off
Mark works full time and then coaches football at the weekend, so when he's off work, we make the most of the time we have together.
This past week, he had been off all week! Yay! It's been great to spend all week with him, even doing the normally mundane things like walking into town to go to the market. 
We've laughed so much!

2. Spending time with family
There have been a lot of family events this past month; christenings, a birthday party, and a trip to the fair en masse. It's been great to see all the family get together, and spend time together.
I've also enjoyed spending time with my little sister, Kirsty. Growing up, we were so different and never really got on (we shared a room!), but as we've grown up and we've both got children, (our youngest are 7 weeks apart) we've really got on, and see each other every other day. :)

Dot, Kirsty and my niece, Francesca

3. Mikey singing
This month I've noticed Mikey singing. Now he does this while in the shower usually, but I've been noticing that he'll be in his room playing Lego or drawing, and he'll have his radio on. He'll sing along to it, but the words are never the same! It's really funny to see what he thinks the words to some of my favourite songs are!

4. Mikey and Mark doing homework
Mikey usually does his homework before Mark gets in from work, but he's been struggling with comprehension lately. This week, as Mark's been off, he's been here to help him. It's been lovely to see Mikey and his dad sit together chatting, just the boys.

5. Walking more
As I've mentioned previously, I've been trying to become more active and lose my baby weight as well as a bit extra. I've been using my surgery as an excuse, but it's been 4 months, so I'm now walking a bit more.
My sister, my brother and I meet up every week and walk into town, which is a bout a mile away from where we all live, and then have a wander around the shops, and back home. I love it!

6. Spring Cleaning has begun!
I've been getting into a rhythm of cleaning now I'm at home all the time. I quite like it, although I still hate ironing, and try to leave that for hubby!

7. Fitting into normal clothes
I got quite big when I had Dot, and didn't have any clothes in that size to wear after I had had her, so still wore maternity clothes :(
However, all that had changed, as in the past week I'm now in regular people clothes! Yay! I'm so excited!

8. Gardening- I might have caught the bug!
I've never been a fan of gardening. In fact, if my mum or hubby talk about plants, I couldn't tell you what they mean and my eyes glaze over.
However, all that appears to be changing. Mark has been out tidying up the garden and although I'm not ready to join him in getting my hands muddy yet, I'm actually enjoying the chat about plants and seeds!

9. James and the Giant Egg
At school, in the last week before Easter, they have a 'decorate an egg' competition. Mikey doesn't usually participate as he has a severe allergy to egg, but the school very kindly bought polystyrene eggs for his class so he could join in for his last year.
The theme was Roald Dahl, and so Mikey chose to do James and the a Giant Egg!

10. Reminiscing about when we were younger!
As I've been updating photo albums of both Mikey and Dot, I've also been think about when hubby and I were younger. We were comparing what we were like when were Mikey's age. It was great fun, until we told him that there were no DVDs when we were little, and that it was all video tapes. We were then greeted with "what's a video tape?" Scary!

A Cornish Mum


  1. Thanks for linking up lovely!
    How brilliant that you have such a close relationship with your family! My eldest is ALWAYS singing, and still gtes the words wrong sometimes aged almost 11...I won't tell you what he was accidentally singing for Uptown 'Funk' loudly in public...
    Stevie xx #TenThings

    1. We do, and we all live within minutes of each other!
      Ha, bless him! :)

  2. Sounds like you've had a lovely month! I need to start walking more definitely need to get active. My little boy sings loads its so cute isn't it. Today we was food shopping and he was singing Twist and Shout down the aisles :) x

  3. Well done for getting out of maternity clothes. It's tough- they're so comfy! I remember the sheer, unadulterated I felt when I first slipped into a pair of stretchy belly jeans. Clothes just haven't felt the same since :-(
    Mama, My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows

    1. I know, they were amazingly comfy! My tummy feels cold without them now!

  4. My son sings "don't believe me just squat" to Uptown Funk no idea why!!Love the egg so imaginative! Julie xx


    1. That is so cute! Bless him! :) x