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Monday, 2 March 2015

Over at A Cornish Mum Stevie has written and shared 10 things about herself that we don't know. That got me thinking about 10 facts about myself that I thought I'd share.

1. I had a major operation when I was a baby. I had pyloric stenosis when I was a baby and so at 6 weeks old I had to have an operation so my stomach could take food in. It's quite a rare condition, so I love my unique scar!

2. I love Christmas! I'm slightly obsessed with it! I start shopping in October and I have to get the decorations up as early as my husband will let me! 

3. I met my husband at a local football game. Unfortunately, because I really liked him, I couldn't speak to him and would go a nice cherry red every time he spoke to me. He says now that for the first few months he knew me, he thought that I was a deaf mute!

4. I am 'severely' left handed. That's what someone I worked with once called it! I struggle with things like can openers and smudging ink on my hand when I write, but I especially struggle with doorknobs, and once locked myself in a room because I couldn't get out!

5. I'm scared of the dark. I'm terrified actually! I have been ever since I was a little girl. The worst is when I have to drive at night- can't stand it! 

6. I'm extremely shy. I always have been. It takes me a little while to try to get to know people because of it. However, when you do get to know me, you'll realise I'm bonkers, so you might want to me to be shy again!

7. I hate fruit. I can't stand it. I don't like the taste of any fruit. My mum used to make me eat it, so I'm glad I'm a grown up now and can avoid it! I love veg though!

8. I find the most random things amusing. This is a source of both annoyance and amusement in my family. I'll laugh for days at something stupid. The other day in a shop, I saw the label on some coat hooks say "let's hang out". That's still making me laugh now!

9. I have never broken a bone. In 31 years I have never broken a bone, and touch wood, hope I never do. I'm extremely accident prone though and twist my ankle at least once a week!

10. I have no circulation. Well at least that's what my husband says! I am always cold and you'll never usually see me without a thick jumper or cardigan on!

So there we have it! Why not share your 10 things and add them to the linky over at A Cornish Mum :)


  1. Lovely list will pop by again

  2. My little brother had pyloric stenosis when he was a baby too! I've never known anyone else who has had it. Was pretty terrifying as I was about 9 at the time and my tiny brother had to have an operation :( I'm also really shy at first, in school if I got asked a question by the teacher and everyone was watching me I'd always go bright red!
    Found this post via A Cornish Mums linky :)

    1. Wow! I've never met anyone else that's had it! Usually people don't know what it is, so to find someone who does from personal experience is pretty exciting, although like you said, it was terrifying for my family at the time.
      Me too- I'd always go red, and still do!! :)

  3. Thanks Laura for linking up, and just for being lovely you ;)
    Eek your poor parents, I can't imagine having to watch whilst my 6 week old baby went in for an operation, that must have been hard for them! I'm the same with finding random things funny, and once I get the giggles that's it I'm hopeless! I'd always prefer to be laughing than frowning!! Fab list!
    Stevie xx

  4. Oh bless you! :)
    I know, although I love my unique-ish scar, I couldn't imagine how scary it'd be if that were one of my two.
    exactly- once I get the giggles, it takes forever to stop. It's usually worse when I know I'm supposed to be serious!
    Thank you :) xx

  5. Ahh how interesting - I am also left handed AND have (so far) never broken a bone either! ;-)

    Wish I'd added that to my 10 things list! xx

  6. Lovely read - I'm extremely left handed too so I always have to get people to open cans for me lol x

  7. Always fun to read what different people tell as their "10 things about me". Not surprised that many of those with a pyloric stenosis story include it. I would... and it is pretty special And we're all the same, it seems Laura: I also love my (fairly) unique scar and (still 69+ years later) blush when people ask me about it. A nuisance but no harm in that. Keep well.

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