End of Week 1

Monday, 23 March 2015

Well the first week of dieting has been and gone. I decided, after much discussion with hubby, to join Weight Watchers.

I used to do Weight Watchers many years ago, after I had Mikey, so I knew the Pro Points system, but what I liked most was that I could diet whilst still feeding Dot properly.

I decided that I would do the online version as I couldn't get to meetings, but I would still have support as hubby decided to do it with me. Bless him :)

Monday came, and the first day of dieting began. I have to admit, I found it really easy. I think that it was because I was finally in the right mindset. It was also probably down to the fact that I could eat a little bit more than hubby because I am breastfeeding! 

Tracking the Pro Points was easy. I downloaded the Weight Watchers app, and so can put in what I eat anytime. I love that you can enter what activity you've been doing, earning yourself points as you go. It was really fun trying to earn as many as I could this week!
I also love the fact that it has a graph of your weight loss, motivating you when it's getting a little tough. 

Now it all sounds too good to be true, and it pretty much has been. That is, apart from Saturday.
Every year on Mothering Sunday, two travelling fairs meet in our town and we have an enormous Mid-Lent Fair. It's fantastic! The town centre is transformed from a gorgeous historic town to a sea of lights, music and screams. There are dodgems, waltzers, a carousel, hook a duck, a big wheel, ghost trains, fun houses, the list is endless.

What is also there are food stalls. I would say one for every two rides. The smell is delicious. Hot dogs, pork and stuffing, and chips wafting through the streets.
Now normally this wouldn't bother me. I would be right in there, having a jumbo hot dog outside the waltzers and then grabbing some candy floss and sweets a little further down, topping it all off with some chips on the way home. It's become as much of a tradition as the fair itself. 

However, on Saturday afternoon, the whole family got together and took a stroll through the fair. 16 adults, children and babies. We went on everything. It was great, apart from when we passed the food stalls. The smell was so tempting, and for the first time in the week, I found it hard.

But, with the distraction of family, and the constant laughing at each other, I got through it and actually felt better knowing I hadn't ventured over for a hot dog with mustard.

Now, to the weigh in:

My weight before: 13st 3lb
My weight now: 12st 9lb

My tummy before: 44 inches
My tummy now: 42 inches

My bust before: 44 inches 
My bust now: 43 inches

My hips before: 46 inches
My hips now: 45 inches

So it's really working and I've become more active. I'm walking a few miles everyday and am no longer using recovering from a c-section as an excuse! 

I can't wait to see what week 2 will bring!


  1. Wow well done lovely! And I was impressed I lost 4 lbs in 3 weeks lol, and struggling! I'm officially at the top end of my healthy weight range but mostly dieting for health reasons - to see if it will improve my back issues, crossed fingers! Xx

    1. Thank you lovely :)
      I'm finding it harder this week, so not sure on the progress!
      Bless you-I have my fingers crossed for you! Xx

  2. You have done so well, good old breastfeeding.. I used to eat so much it was amazing! That fair sounds amazing and you did so well resisting all the yummy food, I have no willpower so would of dive bombed the hot dogs ;)
    Becky xx