Sunday, 22 March 2015

This week Dot has started teething. As any parent knows, teething is not fun, for anyone.
Apart from questioning why we haven't evolved enough so that babies don't have to suffer through the pain, we have been trying to get our red-cheeked, dribbly baby girl through it.

Now, it's been 10 years since my last run in with teething, and it came as a bit of a shock. Not only because it's been so long, but because I had forgotten EVERYTHING about teething!

However, this week I have learnt a lot.

1. Say goodbye to sleep!
Even though Dot had been sleeping through for the past month, it's as out as if she is a newborn again. For the past few days especially, Dot has been up every couple of hours.

2. Teething Powder 
My sister put me on to this. This is a great relief for Dot. Unlike teething gel, which disappears pretty soon after putting on a baby's gums, teething powder stays in the mouth and on the gums for a while, and contains chamomile, so is really calming.

3. Toys
Dot likes to put everything in her mouth, so I've found that a selection of toys, such as teething rings, or anything that can be cleaned easily is great for quick relief for her.

4. Bibs/cloths 
I don't seem to have enough of these! Dot is constantly dribbling and is soaking every bib I put on her within minutes- although it doesn't help that she keeps putting her hands in her mouth, which makes it worse!

5. Extra clothing
I always pack an extra set of clothes in Dot's changing bag just in case, however teething has caused Dot to have diarrhoea, and although it doesn't bother her, we are now carrying a few more outfits just in case!

6. Distraction
If Dot's being a bit grizzly, I've found distracting her by going to the window and showing her outside or talking her to see Gef (the goldfish) helps, if only for a little while. 

7. Calpol
Sometimes the pain of teething can get bad. I remember how bad it was when my wisdom teeth came through! When Dot is in a lot of pain, Calpol does the trick.

8. Hugs
Although all the above works, I've found that the best thing of all is a hug. Nothing is better than a reassuring hug from mummy or daddy :)

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  1. We loved Nelsons with the twins, funny as i did nothing for their elder sister, all babies are different. #sundaystars

  2. great tips we never had any problems with my older 2 teething but lottie has been a night mare! A good tip is putting a muslin in the fridge or freezer for a little bit and then they can have a good chew on the cold cloth fun that gave her some relief! x

  3. I never had any problems with my son, but this time around it's been really tough!
    I love the idea of a muslin in the fridge or freezer! I'm going to try it :) thank you!

  4. Ah teething! ted has 2 teeth now. We use an amber necklace and Anbesol and thankfully we have had no problems. *touch wood quickly!!! Thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky