My husband....a thank you

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My husband....

In a few days (on Easter Sunday), Mark and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. 

I first met Mark a few years ago at a local football game. I went along with my dad, saw Mark, and decided to go back! 
The only problem was, I couldn't speak to him! I knew I would blush if I said anything to him and to try to combat it, I didn't say a word! He constantly reminds me that for months he thought I was a deaf mute!

When we finally did talk, it was as if we had known each other forever. We just clicked. We were married just under a year later. 

I had been a single mum for 7 years when I met Mark. I had tremendous help and support from family, but still felt like something was missing. But, after meeting him, everything suddenly felt right.

My mum always said that the right person will come along when the time is right. She'd been telling me that for years, and I stopped believing her, but she was right!! 

When my son and he met, they got on so well. It was as if the three of us had always been together.
He has been fantastic with Mikey and adopted him as soon as he could. He is an amazing dad and it melts my heart whenever I see the two of them together.

Not only that, but in the past year alone, he's had to put up with me suffering from months of hyperemesis gravidarum  (and the hospital treatment) , recovery from surgery and my low moods because of them both.
Throughout it all though, he has been as patient as ever and I'd be lost without him.

He is also an amazing dad to Dorothy and even though she keeps us up at night, at 4 months old, she has already got him wrapped around her little finger!

These past few years have been like a fairy tale. I finally got my happily ever after.
So thank you sweetheart for changing my life, for taking on the fool that I am and putting up with the craziness that is our family:) 

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  1. Aw what a beautiful post! I'm divorced and have been with Simon for almost 5 years now, and so pleased we have both found the one we are meant to be with lovely! Si is amazing with my boys and treats them like they were his own and they really look up to him :)

    Happy Anniversary for Sunday x Stevie xx

    1. Aww thank you Stevie :)
      That's brilliant that they all get on so well :) It's great when everything fits into place.
      Thank you lovely xx

  2. How lovely to have someone to patient and loving - nice post #bigfatlinky

  3. Aw what an awesome loving post. :) great to read. #bigfatlinky