Nemo and Giraffe: Childrens Book Review

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Just like my mum, I've always loved books and have passed this love onto Mikey and I hope to pass it on to Dorothy.

I love most books, but more importantly childrens books, as they are the stories that stick with us when we grow up and have our own children.

One story that will stick with you is Nemo and Giraffe by the wonderful Lee Hunter. Lee's first book, Nemo and Giraffe tells the tale of best friends and aims to teach children not only about valuable life lessons such as friendships, but help form positive relationships with pets and learn to care for them.

"Best friends can look like anything. No two are the same."

Based on the real Nemo, Lee's cat, this book is illustrated by Lindy Damen.  The pictures are really well drawn and with her great illustrations, the story really comes alive.

This tale is well written and is the perfect length for young children. We have been reading to Dot since she was a few weeks old and I will definitely keep reading this to her. Mikey especially loves reading this to his little sister.

Available from Amazon for only £1.99 for the kindle version or £4.99 in paperback, this is a brilliant read and will soon become a well loved story and family favourite.

Lee hopes to add to the adventures of Nemo and I really hope she does. We can't wait for the next instalment!

To find out more go to , and visit Lee's Twitter and Facebook for news on Nemo's adventures.

Disclaimer: I was sent a PDF copy to review in return for an honest opinion.


  1. Oh what a cute cover! Looks like a lovely book :)

    Stveie x

  2. Oh what a cute cover! Looks like a lovely book :)

    Stveie x