10 Things I've loved this month: July

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Here are 10 things I've loved this month:

1. Dot's new experiences:

Now Dorothy is getting bigger, we have had a few more adventures lately and this past week, she has had her first ride in a big seat in a supermarket trolley and a go in a swing at the park. She had a brilliant time in both!

2. Mark being off work:

We love having quality family time, which usually only happens at the weekend. However, Mark always books a fortnight off for Mikey's birthday, starting the last week of July, so we get 2 whole weeks together :) :)

3. Mikey finishing Primary School:

I knew it would finally arrive and it wasn't as bad as I thought. Yes, my little baby is growing up, but he is definitely ready for secondary school and is so excited that its made me feel much better about it all!

4. Dot's milestones:
Dot is already flying through her milestones. She can already crawl, sit up and is now pulling herself up on her toys and her furniture. We are now finding her standing in her cot every morning!

5. Mikey's Birthday Olympics:

Despite the rain this past weekend, we had a great time at our local park having our own family Olympics for Mikey's birthday. We played tug of war, had a 3 legged race, egg and spoon race, sprint and a relay sack race. It was so funny and it was followed up with a BBQ and birthday cake made by Nana!

6. Mark and Mikey sleeping outside:
Last Saturday night, Mark and Mikey had a slept out in the back garden. They had a tent and Mikey had his old camping gear from when he was in Cubs. However, Mark was not so lucky. He unfortunately had no sleeping bag or roll mat. Instead, he had only a blanket and a pillow. Despite the laughter from both Mikey and I, it took nearly 2 days for Mark to be able to move properly! Next time, we're going to make sure they're BOTH equipped!

7. Made blinds/curtains for the conservatory:
For a long time, I've been trying to make the conservatory into a room that we can use all the time rather than just the summer. 
Blinds are really expensive, so I decided to make my own. With the fabric, rings and hooks, it cost less than £60 to make all 3 sail style curtain things. Hopefully, they'll stay up!

8. Finally a SAHM:

This week I received my final pay check from work. I am now officially a stay at home mum. It's a little bit daunting, but I'm loving it too!

9. Dorothy enjoying bath time again:

Dot used to love baths, but about a month ago she became terrified of the water. We had no idea why, but perservered with them. In the end, she wouldn't get in without a lot of screaming and clinging on to me. 
We decided that we had to do it slowly and try to get her used to it again. This started with me getting  in with her and getting out while she was playing. Now, she loves it again and can't wait to play! 

10. Homemade fun with Mikey:

Now Mikey is off school, we decided to spend a little time together just the two of us. We love creative, crafty things so we decided to decorate a few small canvases. It was really good fun and I'm sure the house will soon be filled with many more!

A Cornish Mum


  1. Fin starts secondary in September as well eek! Mikey's birthday sounds like it was a lot of fun and glad you've had such a fab month hon, thanks for linking up to #TenThings
    Stevie xx

  2. That cake is fabulous, looks like you and a busy month.