Secondary School: Induction Day

Monday, 13 July 2015

On Tuesday, Mikey had an induction day at his new secondary school.  Although I was nervous, he was excited, which I was really pleased at.

He moved schools in Year 4 and although he has made friends at his current school, he was really looking forward to seeing his old friends.

I walked with him, but he would've preferred it if I hadn't! He ran straight off and that was it. He was gone.

Usually when I leave him anywhere, I panic and watch my phone, but because he was so excited and happy, I was too and didn't look at my phone until it was nearly pick up time.

During the school day, all the new Year 7s were put into their Houses for September, they tried out various lessons and had a few group activities.

Mikey getting into the House he wanted!

Mikey tried out a science lesson where, in his words, he "got to burn things" ( for those wondering, they were doing experiments with a Bunsen burner!) ; he had an English lesson where they looked at a modern version of Alice in Wonderland and in PE, he was able to do one of his favourite things, running.

In small groups, they went around the school on a fact finding quiz answering questions on classrooms, staff and the school in general, so that it would all be familiar in September.

Mikey had also told them all about his allergies and even though I've filled in a health form, he made sure that they're aware of both them and him!

When I went to pick him up, he was annoyed that the day had ended and he can't wait for Primary School to end in a fortnight.

Mikey rates both the school and the day 10/10, and so do I!

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  1. hehehe! On my girls induction day last year they got to play with the Bunsen burner's too....It's like they do all the best things to get the kids all excited about a new school.
    It sounds like your boy had a great day! Good luck for September! x