Wistow Maze: A Great Family Day Out!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

For Mikey's birthday yesterday, we decided that we would have a family day out. After searching for something both fun and different, Mark found Wistow Maze.

Located in Leicestershire, it's an 8 acre maze with 3 miles of paths. They change the maze every year, and this year they have chosen the shape of a rugby player. Other great designs can be seen here  in their gallery.

The maze only lasts 8 weeks before it's cut down and used as cattle fodder. It's then marked out and grown again into a new design.

Throughout the maze, there are numbers to guide you if you are lost, but also quiz boards that add another level of fun. This year because of the rugby theme, the quiz boards had sport related questions. Children are given a answer sheet and when completed, can be entered into a competition.
You are also given a map, which definitely comes in handy!

The maze is really tall and children are warned to stay with parents, but we had so much fun together, Mikey didn't want to run ahead.

We had our hand stamped as we entered so we could come and go as we pleased, which is ideal for little ones. In the maze is a 'mid point' with picnic benches so you can take a break, or a 'quick exit' if you need a toilet break!

Next to the maze is the Activity Funyard, where there are more picnic benches and a great assortment of games for children to play, including smaller mazes, beanbag throwing, giant connect 4 and lots more.

Mikey and his dad loved playing 'Splat the Rat'!

If you didn't fancy a picnic, there is a cafe right across the road, as well as the toilets and lots of shops. 
We spent most of the day there and had a fantastic time. We really loved the fact that it changes every year, so it's something that can be done again and again but still be different :) 

 To find out more, head to www.wistow.com/wistow-maze/ or follow them on Twitter or Facebook 


  1. I do love a maze, but this one looks huge - thank goodness there are number guides otherwise I think we would be in there all night! Looks like you had such fun though - the activity fun yard sounds a blast too! #whatevertheweather

    1. It was a brilliant day out!
      It is big. I can see why they have guides and maps!

  2. I love this Laura! How cool is that maze, I love that they cut it into a different shape each year. We have a maize maze near us (when the weather has been good so it's grown well!) and I love it, although we don't get maps. They must be quite useful.
    The other games look great fun too, splat a rat is an old favourite of mine too.
    Thanks for linking up to #whatevertheweather :) xx

    1. We love it and are already looking forward to see what the maze will be like next year :)
      The maps are definitely a good thing!

  3. This is brilliant. I love mazes. It's so great that you can go back every year and it's different. It's good that they give you maps and questions. It really keeps children entertained. It sounds like there is so much to do here. I wish this was closer to me. I'd love to go. Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather x