Struggling with Maths

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Until recently, Mikey has spent years struggling with Maths. From Y1 to about Y5, Mikey struggled with concepts of number, time and he also had problems remembering what he learnt the day before, or sometimes even that day.

I had mentioned his problems to school but nothing really helped there so I enrolled him into an afterschool group Maths course. We started to notice an improvement and slowly he gained confidence. Unfortunately, he was pushed to much and too fast and he stopped learning. He again lost confidence in his own ability and we had to fight to get him to do any maths work.

Because of this, Mikey left the course and we were again struggling for a way to help him.

It was my plan be a teacher, but after watching Mikey struggling as well as one of my brothers, I decided that I wanted to be an LSA so I could really help those who needed it.

I decided that as there was nothing out there that could help me help Mikey, I developed my own resources.

I wondered if there were other parents in the same position and so I looked at ways to get my ideas out there.
 I found a website called Teachers Pay Teachers , but this was based mainly in America, so after looking for a long time, I found that there were resources to download from TES based in the UK.
I found both of these sites helpful and there are so many great resources, both free and reasonably priced. The sites look 'teachery' but don't be put off. There are fantastic activities, worksheets and games to find. 

Mikey is now doing brilliantly at Maths. After moving primary schools in Y4, he gained confidence and is now loving it. As you know, he's now at secondary school, and although it's still early days he's having a ball!

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  1. This sounds like a fantastic idea, great that you found a way to help him. You're a fantastic mum! :) xx