Becoming Gluten Free

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Becoming Gluten Free

So, this week I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.  I'd been feeling rubbish for months and put it down to various other things, from recovering from surgery, my tastes changing since having Dot to tummy bugs, until there was nothing left to put it down to.

I'm still getting used to what it is and what it means, but what I do know is :

  • It is NOT an allergy, but an auto immune disease
  • Coeliac disease is a lifelong condition
  • It is a 'multi-system' disorder and can affect my whole body in different ways
  • Even very small amounts of gluten can be damaging.

In our house, we are used to my son's multiple food allergies and we are used to dealing with them accordingly, so label checking, cross contamination etc. will be relatively easy.

What it does mean though is that I really have to think about what I eat. For those who know me, you know that I'm pretty rubbish at that. I never look after myself. I worry about others and 'helicopter' them, but refuse my own advice. However, my health is now a priority. It will be a hard adjustment to other foods, but with time and support from family I will get there and eventually it will become second nature.

It also means that I will be doing a lot more baking. Over the next few months, I'll be updating got the Free From Recipes section to include gluten free with new recipes I've tried and mastered.

I will also be reading all I can about Coeliac Disease and then try to share what I've learn with others, much like I try to do with my son's food allergies.

To find out more about Coeliac Disease, head over to