A Surprise Trip to the Seaside

Monday, 16 May 2016

Yesterday, we decided to go on a surprise trip to the seaside. At half past seven, my husband suddenly whispered, "let's go to the seaside today." He had to be quiet, because if Mikey heard him, he'd be bouncing off the walls. We had to move in secret agent mode!

Mark got ready while I packed a picnic, we made up an excuse for leaving the house at 8am and jumped into the car.

An hour or so later, we arrived at Hunstanton.
Success! We had managed to distract Mikey throughout the whole journey.  As Mikey is nearly 12, it's hard to fool him, so we were really pleased with ourselves!

After a nice walk along the sea front, we went to The Sealife Centre. We've been a few times throughout the years and it's always a great place to take the kids. We were also looking forward to seeing the changes after it was flooded in the bad weather a while ago.

Now Dot is a typical toddler. She is a very noisy child! She is always chatting, squealing or screaming, however she was so quiet the whole time we were there. She loves animals and was in awe of everything she saw.

For those who have never been to The Sealife Centre, there's so much to see! We even got to tickle a starfish and watch the otters and seals being fed!

After a couple of hours at The Sealife Centre, we enjoyed a picnic and then went for a walk. Dot had fallen asleep but it meant that we could go for a walk a little further afield and also hit the arcades! Mikey loves the 2p machines, but then who doesn't!

We had a really brilliant day. It was Dot's first proper trip to the seaside and it was great to see her reaction to it all. It was also really lovely to watch Mikey walking with Dot and chatting to her. He's such a great big brother.

I think that both Dot and Mikey had a good day too. They were both asleep within minutes of getting in the car to go home!

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