KidloLand App: A Review

Monday, 27 June 2016

As parents, we all love to encourage our children's learning.  It's really amazing how they soak up information like a sponge.

So, when we were asked to trial an app designed for encouraging learning, we couldn't say no!

KidloLand is an app that is perfect for little ones!

There are over 300 different songs, lullabies and nursery rhymes that focus on letters, numbers, shapes, colours, and so much more!

I was worried that Dot would quickly lose interest with the app as she is only little, but I was wrong. She loved listening to and then signing along with the different rhymes.

It was great to see Dot joining in with nursery rhymes that she already knew, as well as some old favourites that I remember from when I was little, that she didn't know yet.

She especially loved the Numbers 1-10 song. So much so, that I can't stop signing it and even Mikey has joined in!

As a parent, I really liked this app. It is great to use alongside day to day learning. What I also like is that Dot is learning but doesn't realise it! We used it every other day or so for 5-10 minutes and thanks to the Numbers 1-10 song, she already knows 1,4,6,7,8,9!

I'm not sure where the other numbers have gone though!

I also like that there were subtitles at the bottom for each song, which meant that not only can older ones join in with the words, but adults can too!

We have really loved this app and would definitely recommend it to other parents of toddlers and pre-schoolers. :)

To find out more about KidloLand, head to the website:, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

The app can also be downloaded from these links:

Disclaimer: We were given a 1 year subscription in return for our honest opinion.