Percy Jackson and Capture the Flag

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Mikey loves Percy Jackson. He's read the books and watched the films more times than I can count. I've also found wings attached to my converse trainers more times than I remember too!

I have to admit, I too love Percy Jackson. Not only are the books proper adventure stories (and good ones at that) , they have also encouraged Mikey, who was a reluctant reader, to read for fun while finding out more about Greek mythology.

When we were asked if we would try playing Capture the Flag based on the game played at Camp Half Boood, we couldn't resist!

I made some flags with some bamboo canes, crepe paper and sellotape and we were all set to go and play!

We normally play outdoor games at a local park and after looking for a suitable spot, we weren't disappointed! It was completely open and had slightly uneven ground, with obstacles in the way. Perfect for battle!

We played with smaller teams than were recommended, but it didn't stop the fun in any way.
To begin with, I was with my niece and Mikey was with his Dad. The babies watched laughing from the sideline with my injured sister!

We swapped teams every so often. Unfortunately I was not as good with tactics as Mikey was! No matter what team he was on, they won! At one point, I thought he'd wandered off, but he was hiding amongst the trees and sneaked all the way to the flag!

Even my niece beat me! 

He's also a really good runner and was so fast it became embarrassing to try running after him!

Despite the smaller teams, we had a blast! We have already arranged to play a large game of Capture the Flag with all the family for Mikey's birthday in a couple of weeks and we will make sure to update you on the battle! :)

You can find the new Percy Jackson book, The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo Book 1) here on Amazon.

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  1. I remember playing Capture the Flag as a kid-such a fun game! I'm so happy to hear that Mikey found some books that really appealed to his interests and got him reading! Sounds like an adventurous type of kid for sure <3 Thanks for sharing #KCACOLS

  2. Awesome. Looks like you all had a lot of fun. I've not seen the films or read books but I'm hoping my nephew will enjoy them. #kcacols

  3. I've never actually read any of these - hopefully, I'll have plenty of chance to catch up on kids' media with Marianna though. :) It looks like everyone had a great time playing too! x #KCACOLS

  4. Fantastic idea! Looks like great fun Valerie

  5. I haven't read this books before so I don't have any idea what they are all about, however the game looks lots of fun. I can see that you guys enjoyed playing it! Thanks so much lovely for sharing this at #KCACOLS, :-) x