5 Things That Make Me Smile- Week 1

Monday, 12 September 2016

So as you may know, I've ben struggling with all the different projects I take on, as well as the normal day to day family things. I let it get me down and it's taken me a while to find my feet again, but I'm getting there!
I have seen my Aunt write every day on Facebook about what she is thankful for and it got me thinking that something similar would be great in getting me back to writing. I can't write every day, but I will write the 5 things that have made me smile each week. :)

So, here goes!

1. Mikey started Year 8

Last Monday, Mikey went back to school and into Year 8. It was so lovely to see him so confident and, although not overly pleased for the holidays to be over, he was excited to start back, especially so he can practice his upcoming school production of Alice in Wonderland, where he will be playing the Cheshire Cat.
His enthusiasm is so contagious! I kind of wish I was going back to school with him!

2. Dorothy and the library

Every Wednesday afternoon our local library has Story Time. I used to take Mikey to it and last week I took Dot for the first time. She was unsure to begin with, and began helping herself to other library books and reading them, but she soon got in to it.
What really made me smile was that her older cousin and my nephew also goes, so it was great to see them interact with each other. Especially when he helped her with the nursery rhyme actions at the end. So sweet!

3. Usborne Books

I've briefly mentioned that I am now an Independent Usborne Organiser, and last week really made my smile. Although I've only been with Usborne since the end of June, I was named my team's "Star of the Month" due to my enthusiasm. I was shocked but I love my job, so it was the sprinkling on the top!

4. Mikey's Thoughtfulness

Every weekend, Mikey is up super early for cartoons and yesterday was no exception. What was a surprise though was that when we went downstairs, we found that he had forgone his cartoons to tidy the living room, fill the dishwasher and the washing machine. He even made both Mark and I a cup of tea. He is such a thoughtful little boy. (Or not so little!)

5. Dorothy

I often call Dorothy 'wilful'! She is such a cheeky monkey and wants to be so independent. She often makes me laugh, but last week she really did. Upon asking her a question, She replied "um.......I think so." Now that in itself probably doesn't seem that funny, but it was also accompanied by a finger on her chin and her looking away as if she was thinking about her answer!
She often copies people, but I don't know where she learnt it. Either way, it really made me smile!

So that is my first week of things that made me smile. It was great fun trying to think of only 5 and it made me laugh on more than one occasion while writing this!

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  1. I love these lists - I do one myself with 5 happy things and it's lovely - you can always think of 5, and it really does make you appreciate the good things. Congratulations on the Usborne job going so well, that's amazing! And how lovely of Mikey to do all those chores and then make you a cup of tea - I look forward to that day! I love Dot and 'I think so' too - isn't it funny where they pick up these little things from? Thanks so much for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  2. I love a happy list, I do one every Saturday and it doesn't matter how bad I think the week has gone I can always think of lots of happy moments. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x