Moving to a Toddler Bed

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

So the past few days have been crazy at our house. Dot's bedroom has transformed from a baby room to a big girl's room.

It all begin at the weekend, with Dot climbing out of her cot. I know most toddlers do it, but it was a shock to us as she hadn't done it for months. We were all settled down for the evening and suddenly  heard someone walking around upstairs. Upon investigation, there was Dot smiling happily from the stair gate in her doorway!

I put her back in, settled her down and decided to sit at the top of the stairs to see if she did it again. Over the five minutes that followed, I lost count of how many times she climbed out and back in again!

We decided that it was much safer for her if we made her cot into a toddler bed, so guess what I was doing on Monday morning? Yep, there I was first thing in the morning with Dot, transforming her bed.

Yes, it would have been a lot easier without Dot's help, but I am too impatient so I couldn't wait for Mark but more importantly, where would be the fun?!

After a few hours, her bed had been converted, her room had been stripped and her chest of drawers had locks on, otherwise she'd have a floordrobe!

I wasn't sure she'd like it, but I was wrong! She loved playing on her bed and in her room. We spent over two hours playing in there!

Dot happily slept in it at nap time, but the evening was an adventure! She loved the freedom of getting up and running about and it was nearly 10pm when she finally gave in. It's been a long time since Dot kept us up late, so we really felt it.

Last night was much better though. Yes, it's still a novelty to her, but Dot fell asleep at quarter past 8, so a vast improvement!

Update: It's now been the better part of a week and Dot has slept really well :) One evening, she even asked to go to bed!

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  1. Wow! What a grown up little girl! It's funny how exciting it seems to them isn't it - all that freedom at nighttime! I remember being obsessed with what my parents were doing downstairs (probably watching tv and drinking wine!) it felt like i was missing out so much! How cute to ask to go to bed as well! x #kcacols

  2. Sounds like it's going really well. Thankfully our two year old has never tried to climb out but she is still at that age now where we know it's time to move her to a bed, I'm just dreading her getting out of it every two minutes, you've given me hope x

  3. Ahhh there can be a rough few nights in the beginning. So glad she is getting the hang of it. Bed is a good place! Thanks so much for linking with #KCACOLS We hope you come back again next week.

  4. Aw how lovely to see her so happy at the end. It is always very hard at the start but then it is just amazing to see them enjoying their new bed. My eldest daughter was happy until we have my little one. Now my girls come to my bedroom every night and it is nightmare. But I will not worry for now. I hope it is a phase. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is lovely to have you back! :-) x

  5. Awwh well done. These steps start to come and go quickly. rainbowsaretoo from #kcacols