5 Things that make me smile

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Last year I started writing about the things that made me smile and I wanted to keep doing it this year, so here is the first for 2017:

1. Writing our Family Fun List

You may have read my post about our writing a family fun list for 2017. We decided to make a list of everything that we wanted to do as a family this year. It was really good fun coming up with some new activities and I'm really forward to making some great memories :)

2. Family Walks

We love going for walks and blowing the cobwebs away. Over the past fortnight, we've been on some great walks through the local woods. I got some lovely photos of both the kids together, which is unusual as they don't sit still for long, especially if a camera is out!

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3. Dorothy Playing Football

Mark, his brother and his friend run football coaching sessions on a Saturday morning. Now Dorothy is 2, she has joined and is on her fourth week. She loves all sport, (which Mark is happy about) so it's brilliant to see her having so much fun. Now we just have to get to stand still long enough to listen to the coaches!

4. Mikey's Medicalert Bracelet

As you know, Mikey has multiple food allergies. He's very good at monitors them, but obviously we are wary as he's becoming much more independent. Last week though, we bought Mikey a little gift. He is now a proud owner of a Medicalert bracelet! He's always had little sports style bands, but this is the first grown up style one. He loves it and was so excited to show it off at school!

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5. Crochet

This year, I'm attempting crochet! Years ago, my Mum bought me a kit, but I could never get the hang of it. As I'm left handed, I thought it'd be great to take up again. I'm taking it slowly and the results are not pretty, but I'm hoping by the end of the year I'll have mastered at least a square!

What things have made you smile this week?


  1. It's fab he's happy with his bracelet. My eldest should wear something to let people know he has Type 1 but he refuses and worries me ... I'm thinking when he is old enough I may even convince him to get a tattoo or something eek. Lovely photos and good luck with the crochet lovely.

    Stevie x

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