Plamil Foods: Free From Easter Chocolate

Sunday, 9 April 2017

As you all know, our house is a free from one. This can make it hard to find yummy treats that Mikey  especially can enjoy. However, Plamil Foods have created chocolate that is both yummy and safe.

We've been a fan of Plamil Foods ever since we discovered their free from mayonnaise and chocolate spread a few years ago! Plamil Foods are a dedicated no dairy, no egg, no nut and no gluten factory site. Everything is made on site and so they have full control over what goes into their products.

They are the oldest vegan company in the UK, having being set up in the 1960s as the Plantmilk Society where they started making milk out of cabbage. I know Mikey, and many others will be very pleased to hear that they don't do that anymore!!

In 1972, they shortened their name to Plamil Foods and were responsible for the first 'milky' vegan chocolate in the world. Their chocolate is the only chocolate factory in the world (that they know of) that is run on 100% renewable energy and many of their ingredients are organic, Fairtrade or Utz certified.

Mikey was very excited to be sent some lovely Easter chocolate to try out.

Half Eggs

Easter Bunny Bars - in three dairy free varieties!

Hollow Easter Egg.  All the taste of dairy milk without dairy!

Half Eggs

These are perfect for any Easter Egg hunt, or on top of yummy Easter cakes or, like Mikey, keeping all to yourself!

Hollow Chocolate Egg

This Easter egg is perfect for those who can't have the regular ones :)

Bunny Bars

These chocolate bars are so cute! They are great as something different to the regular chocolate egg, a yummy treat, or as I did, popped into a lunchbox!

All have a fun presentation, are suitable for vegans, and are made in their very own factory which never uses dairy, gluten or nuts.

Now, I thought that instead of writing this review completely on his behalf, Mikey could take over a little bit, so here goes:

I was really lucky that I was sent some yummy Easter chocolate to eat. My mum can sometimes find it pretty difficult to find treats for me that are safe, especially for Easter, so I was very excited to try these, but only after I checked the label first! (*)

I loved all of it! It all tasted fantastic and I really couldn't pick a favourite! If you have an allergy, you can't go wrong :)

So there you have it. Mikey, who is extremely fussy (we have even seen him back up against a wall to avoid eating something**) recommends these chocolates. You can't get a higher endorsement than that!

You can find out more about the great Easter range and other Plamil Foods products on their website, and you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

*Note: Mikey is very good at checking labels for himself, which is great, but he has been known to ring my mum to 'check' because he doesn't believe the packet or me!
**Note: Don't worry, it was completely safe for him!

Disclaimer: We were sent some Easter chocolate in return for an honest review. As always, all opinions are our own.

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  1. These look fantastic! It's so great that so many companies are catering to those who can't eat dairy! And so they should! #KCACOLS

  2. These look great! My niece is dairy free so this is what she'll be getting this Easter. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  3. I love that there is a great tasting range for people with allergies like this. It is so hard to find nice treats when you have to avoid certain foods isn't it #kcacols