Meeting up with friends: A big milestone

Saturday, 24 June 2017

So today we had a big milestone in Mikey's life; meeting up with friends. At nearly 13, that might not sound all that much, but to Mikey and our family, it's huge.

As you are all aware, Mikey has multiple severe food allergies, which were diagnosed at only 10 months old. Since then, our whole family have been on high alert at anything that poses a danger. It might sound overprotective, but as a toddler and at primary school, it can be hard for little ones and Mikey himself to understand why he can't have a cupcake or share a packet of crisps.

Over the years, we've slowly (and I mean SLOWLY!) eased up slightly as he has become older and more mature. I've written before about how proud I am of his maturity towards his allergies and medicine. Today was no different. I couldn't have been prouder of him.

He was meeting up with an old primary school friend. They went to different secondary schools, but recently got back in touch with each other. I know his friend and remember how lovely his family are (they used to be so good with Mikey and his allergies), so I knew there was no problem there.

So, after making arrangements to 'hang out', I found a dozen questions coming out of my mouth; Where are you going? What are you doing? Do you have your puffer bag? Do you have your Medicalert bracelet?  All of which were answered with a bit of eye roll and a short answer!

And with that, Mikey headed out of the door. With me telling me to ring him if he needs anything and that I'll see him at five o clock, I watched him race down the driveway towards the meeting point with a smile on his face. Suddenly, he ran back, gave me a hug and went back on his way!

He's not long come back in came in, with a beaming smile on his face and asking to go out again tomorrow! He did confess that he was nervous to be going out without anyone watching over him, but he had a blast, which was fantastic to hear.  :)

He used to feel left out when he was younger. He couldn't go to sleepovers or tea around a friends house after school. He couldn't go to parties without me doing a background check(!) on the parents, children and location and then escorting him to said parties and hanging around with the host's mum until it was over.

I want him to feel 'normal' and like every other child his age. I don't want to keep holding him back because I'm scared of what will happen if I let him go.  Today was a major step towards that, for both him and us and I couldn't be happier :)


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  1. That's fantastic! I bet you were all so excited! It's hard when you have extra concerns for a child - you want to protect them but we can't protect them forever, and taking that leap of faith and trusting them to deal with stuff is hard. But well done on going for it and I'm so glad that Mikey had a good time! #triumphanttales

  2. I LOVE your last paragraph here. There is always going to be something that we feel protective about as parents. Your son will benefit from learning to go out on his own and be careful of the world around him.
    I hope he had a great time! <3

  3. This is lovely. I can imagine how hard it must have been for you to let him go, but it is wonderful that he can. You have obviously bought up a lovely young man x

  4. awww this is so adorable! He must really have enjoyed himself and you must have loved him having so much fun and successfully not having an allergic reaction!
    Thank you for sharing his and YOUR #TriumphantTale with us. I hope to see you back next week.

  5. big day for both of you. How much of a wreck were you the whole time he was gone? lol #triumphanttales

  6. Oh this is fabulous! I'm so pleased it went well, I can imagine it was pretty worrisome for you though!

    #RVHT (Jenny from Accidental Hipster Mum)

  7. Love this post - would love to feature Mikey on my #madeupmilestones series! Have a look and see if you are interested xx

  8. Letting go just a little bit sounds very scary let alone when they have allergies etc. May you both continue to make little steps. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

  9. I'm really glad that he was able to go out and have a good time without any issues. My neighbours little girl is coeliac and lactose intolerant. Her mum supplies her food wherever she goes usually. #kcacols

  10. Oh I'm so pleased that he was able to go out and have such a great time! #fortheloveofBLOG

  11. Aw what a lovely post Laura! I can imagine how hard must have been for you all these years! All the worries and wanting everything to be perfect for him. It is of course a big milestone for you both! I also get nervous with Bella because she is asthmatic. I am so happy to hear that the meeting was a success! Thank you for sharing this at #kcacols :) x

  12. That's fab news! Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofblog