Dobble: The Fast and Hilarious Card Game

Monday, 24 July 2017

As you may know, (I may have mentioned it just a few times), I love a good board game! I have a collection of both old and new games that doesn't fit in the cupboard anymore!

So when I was asked to become a member of the new Board Game Bloggers Club, I jumped at the chance!

The first game that we've been playing is DobbleDobble is a consists of 55 cards, with 8 symbols per card. You have to match symbols from your card to the ones available. It sounds a bit like snap, but there's a twist! There is only one identical symbol in common between each card and each symbol might be a different size and in a different place!

There are 5 different games to be played, but our favourite was The Towering Inferno!

You have to be the fastest to spot a matching symbol, shout it out and add it to your pile. As you can imagine, the house has been full of shouting!

It must be said that playing Dobble can result in  un-sportsman-like conduct! A lot of the time, we found our hands around the card, ready to pounce if we found our symbol!

You must also be warned that there could be a lot of cheating! There was a lot of "that four leafed thing" and "the gold thing over there" before the card was taken. Anyone who knows me would have placed bets on me saying these things, but nope. It was Mikey!

We have had a really great time playing Dobble! It is recommended for ages 6 and over, but I have to admit, I can easily see this being a game that a lot of adults would want to play too!

Mikey has already been trying to teach Dorothy to play, but it isn't as fast paced as he would like, but she's definitely got the hang of the shouting!

Apart from the fun of actually playing the game, I have to say that I also love that it comes in a compact tin, as it means that whenever we go away, it can easily come with us :)

Dobble is available for £12.99 and is suitable for up to 8 players. It really is a frantically funny family game!

Disclaimer: I was sent Dobble in return for my honest opinion. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. We received this as part of the board game club too and absolutely loved it, it's going on holiday with us next week x

  2. I love games too. Never heard of this one but it sounds like fun! #KCACOLS

  3. Thirteen quid is a pretty good and it looks like something we would enjoy with the kids. #kcacols

  4. Ooh I've not heard of this before but we love a good board game in our house! And apparently cheating too as my daughter is a sore loser! Will have to see what she thinks of this one. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time