Sports Direct Christmas #sdfiverchallenge

Friday, 10 November 2017

As we all know, Christmas is only a few weeks away. Among the major things we do, apart from making sure that we've ordered the turkey and bought new decorations is to buy presents for everyone. I have to admit, buying Christmas presents for my family isn't cheap! I never have a budget, I just love to buy presents for my family that I know they will love and I never really think about how much I spend!

Recently, I was given the task of finding fun and interesting gifts from Sports Direct for Christmas for £5 or under.
We spend a lot of time in Sports Direct as Mark owns a football coaching business , so we buy a lot of the football equipment from them. I have to admit though, I never really thought of Sports Direct as somewhere I could buy Christmas presents before!

I was given £30 worth of vouchers to find some great gifts for people on my Christmas list. I was amazed at the variety of gifts available and managed to buy quite a few things, but some are under wraps (pun intended!) until the big day. However, here is just a little of what I bought :

Liverpool Beanie Teddy


I bought this little guy as a stocking filler for Mark. He....gulp....supports Liverpool and I thought it would be a great little addition to his stocking! He has a lot of different Liverpool goodies and I knew that this little beanie would go great with his collection!

Crystal Creations


I really liked the look of the Crystal Creations and I knew that I had to get it for my niece. She really loves getting hands on and creative and I know that this would be something that she would love. It was also on offer for £5, which was amazing value!


Dr Suess 4-in-1 Games Cube


I bought this as a present for Dot. Mikey often reads his Dr Suess books to her and she loves them. I knew that she would really playing these different games :) 

3D Snakes and Ladders


This 3D Snakes and Ladders was something that I chose for both Mikey and Dot. It was going to be a joint gift for both of them, but they may have found it and opened it before I realised! It is now a game that they are playing almost every day!

Now I wouldn't normally consider Sports Direct for Christmas presents. You may think that for £5 or less, the quality of these presents may not be up to scratch, but you'd be wrong. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of all the gifts I had bought.  As we order a lot from them, I already knew that Sports Direct's delivery was always speedy, with a lot of previous orders arriving earlier than expected and they didn't disappoint this time either. The whole experience was a really positive one :)

I can honestly say that after this recent shopping trip, I've realised that Sports Direct isn't just football kits and football training equipment. There really is something for everyone. You can buy great quality gifts for family, friends and everyone in between and with any budget!

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