Family Fun List 2017: An Update

Sunday, 31 December 2017

At the beginning of the year, we sat down as a family and decided to write a list of fun things that we wanted to do as a family. Now the year is almost over, I thought that I would give you an update and let you know how we got on :)

Exploring the UK 

For Christmas a couple of years ago, we bought Mikey a UK Scratch map. Every so often we like to try and scratch some more off, so our plan was to get quite a bit uncovered this year!

Did we do it?
We did explore a little bit more of the UK, which was great! As well as a few day trips to new places, we took a visit to the Isle of Wight this summer and managed to explore pretty much all of the island, so we managed to cross that off too :)

Going to Wistow Maze

You may have seen my post on Wistow Maze. It is a maize maze that changes every year. It has different questions dotted throughout, which is just as much fun for the adults. We have now made it an annual trip :)

Did we do it?
Unfortunately, we didn't make it to Wistow Maze this Summer :( However, we did go and see Santa in his Grotto at the Wistow Centre across the road from the Maze, so we're counting that as half a point!

Climbing at Altar Rock

In Derby, there is a place called Altar Rock, which is a rundown church that has been converted into a climbing facility. For Mikey's birthday last year, my Aunt kindly bought him some climbing sessions with his dad. They had a ball, although my husband got stuck in the cave section, much to our amusement!!

Did we do it?
We haven't visited yet, but it is already on our list for 2018!

Walking More

We did! This year, we spent more time walking whenever we could, whether it was a few quick walks around town when Mark's finished work early or walking through the local park at weekends. It's always great to blow the cobwebs away :)

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Spending more time together

We have definitely tried to spend more time together this year, whether it's a nice day out or just an evening curled up on the sofa watching a film.

Plant some flowers (and keep them alive)

I have actually done this! There were a few attempts that went awry, (I forgot about them!) but I finally managed to keep some flowers alive in our hanging basket :)

Have a trip to the seaside

We have had quite a few day trips to the seaside this year, which is lovely. It always reminds me of when I was younger! I think our favourite was when we went to Great Yarmouth for the day. We left early and spent the whole day there, not leaving until late. It was the perfect end to the Summer :)

Go swimming

Now, I haven't actually been swimming in a pool this year, but I did take part in our family trip to our local Aquapark. So, I'm going to count that! 

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Unfortunately, I didn't get around to reading any of the books on my reading list, but I did read some great blogs and had plenty of storytime with Dot, so I'm counting it as ticked off the list!

Have a family movie night

As our family is so busy, especially with Mikey doing extra clubs and work inside and outside school, it's hard to all get together for an evening, but we have managed a family movie night quite a few times, which is brilliant :) 

Have more occasions where the extended family can get together

When we have a family get together, there is usually upwards of 20 people. I love it! Last Christmas, I held a Christmas party which began with quiet conversations and eating a few nibbles but ended in a hilarious pub quiz and a very funny Christmas parcel game. Never have I seen a pair of dice thrown with such determination!

Did we do it?

We did! This year, we've had lots of family get-togethers! As well as my annual Christmas Eve Eve party, my favourite of our get togethers has to be when we went to an Aquapark. In the Summer, we went to our local Aquapark for my brother's and Mikey's joint birthday. There was over 20 of us and while the younger ones and the grown ups enjoyed a picnic, a group of us went in the water! 

Looking back, I think that our Family Fun List was pretty much ticked off for 2017, which is brilliant :) Now, to write 2018's Family Fun List! 

Did you have a Family List for 2017? Did you get all your activities ticked off?