40 Things to do before 40

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

40 is a pretty big milestone and as I turn 34 next month, I wanted to write a 'to do' list of 40 things that I want to try and accomplish before I turn 40. I have 6 years, so it should be doable! Here's my slightly random list:

1. Learn a new language 

2. Visit New York again 

This is where Mark and I got engaged and spent our honeymoon. The first time, it was during Hurricane Sandy and the second was during a heatwave. We're hoping to visit again when the weather is normal!

3. Sleep in a treehouse

I'm not thinking a Bart Simpson style treehouse, but something a little more glam!

4. Have an Elephant experience day at a zoo

5. Walk the entire length of Hadrian's Wall

6. Walk some high ropes

I'm terrified of heights, but the high rope adventure places look so fun! It'd be great to try it!

7. Go to the Hay festival

8. Visit the Titanic museum in Belfast

9. See the Northern Lights

10.Visit Whitby again

We went to Whitby on a short weekend break. However, we went as our local football team was playing there so there is so much still left to see and do!

11. Cook every recipe from a recipe book

12. Go to a dance class

13. Go on a road trip

14.Go back to kickboxing

15. Take part in the London Moonwalk

16. Lose weight and keep it off

17. Have a ride in a hot air balloon

18. Have a Diceman day/holiday

For those of you unfamiliar with The Diceman, it was a programme in the 90s were a presenter and his cameraman made decisions on what to do and where to go based on the roll of a dice. I loved watching it with my mum!

19. Roller skate again

20. Do the 3 peak challenge

21. Go to a music festival

22. Go on a cruise

23. Go to the drive in cinema

24. Fly First Class (or at least business!)

25. Go paintballing

26. Try and escape an Escape room

27. Read all of Jane Austen's novels

I love Jane Austen and I've read quite a few, but there's still a few on my reading list to get through.

28. Write a book

29. Order everything from a menu and try it all!

30. Learn to play poker

31. Ride a rollercoaster as an adult

32. Try indoor skydiving

I am too terrified to jump out of a plane, but indoor skydiving seems doable!

33. Go whale watching

34. Host a dinner party

35. Grow my own vegetables

36. Watch a sunrise

37. Have breakfast in bed and then stay there all day

38. Send a message in a bottle

39. Climb a rock wall

40. Go to a golf driving range

So there you have it! I'll keep you posted on how I get on over the next few months and years! 

Do you have a bucket list? What would you put on your list to do before you reach 40?

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