Family Fun List 2018

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Last year, you may have seen that we wrote a bucket list for our family for 2017. We decided that it was such a good idea, that we're going to do it again for 2018!

It's an ongoing list, but this is what we have so far:

Get the garden finished

Last Spring and Summer I wrote about how we were doing a garden makeover. It looks amazing, but there are still a few things left to do. Dot and Mikey really love gardening, so the plan is that when the weather gets better, they are going to help their dad with planting up the borders and some pots up  :)

Ice skating/ Trampoline park

These are both on Mikey's list! A few months ago, he visited a trampoline park with his old school friends and has been talking about it non stop! I have to say, it really appeals to me too, so this is definitely on our Family list!

Day trips

As life is so busy with work, school and soon nursery, we love it when we get a free day together and especially love it when we can use that free day for a new adventure, so this year, we want to have lots of new adventures, exploring the UK and seeing if we can do it in a day!

Spend more time with my sisters

This one is mine! Every month or so, my Sister and Sisters-in-Law and myself used to all get together. It used to be so much fun, but like it does, life happens and we stopped hanging out as much. However, just before Christmas we got together for an early Christmas dinner cooked by my Sister. It was so much fun and it really made us realise that we need to do it more often!

Games nights with family

We love board games in our house, (which I may have mentioned before!) and we really want to make more time for each other and just relax with a board game as often as we could this year :)

Learn a language

I'd love to learn a new language and I thought that there was no better time than now to do it! I can't decide between Italian, Spanish or Greek though- these are all places that I'd love to visit at some point in the future!

Do you have a bucket list for 2018? Do you have any suggestions for the list? 

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